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ALR Media is a leading website design team in the Tampa Bay area since 2008. Launching a new website or giving your existing website a makeover is exciting! Our creative web design team works with you every step of the way to ensure your website is user looks beautiful, is user-friendly and easy to use from any desktop or mobile device. Our web design process also focuses on driving traffic to your website and getting visitors to complete your desired action, like filling out a form, signup sheet or making a purchase.

We put you in control of your website. Our expert web design team creates amazing websites using several of the latest programs from AdobeCC to include: Dreamweaver, Portfolio, Spark and Muse all incorporated into WordPress because it’s simple for you to manage and update after launch. We are here to train you and put you in he driver seat, and we are always accessible for support. Plus, we figure since WordPress is used by The New Yorker, Best Buy, E-bay and Google, it’s a good bet for our clients.

In an increasingly digitized world, technology has taken over our lives. Even our grandparents have smartphones, we’re constantly posting those over-filtered selfies to social media, checking reviews of products, looking for services, buying, and adopting new technologies. Digital has become a way of life. And one that we’re getting more comfortable with.

So, how is it possible that there are still businesses with old or no websites at all?

Having an active website is important even for small, local businesses. According to a study done by Nielsen, 85 percent of consumers use the internet to find a local business. Without a business web design, these customers may not even be able to contact or locate the business. Search engines such as Google are heavily focusing on local results, so a website is even more important if you are a local business.

Around-the-Clock Access

With the help of the internet, consumers can now literally shop online around-the-clock. The only way businesses can reach all of their potential customers is to have a good business web design that will allow them to shop or research the company any hour of the day. In an example such as ours, we usually receive 4 to 5 leads overnight while we are all sleeping.  That would not be possible without a website.

Website Management

Now that you have a fantastic new website, you want to make sure it stays updated and to show it off. Our management team will make sure your website stays secure, is functioning properly and appears on search engines like Google and Yahoo. We are ready to tackle any site maintenance or content updates you may have. We have experience in resolving a wide variety of computing issues and can even provide hands-on web maintenance training for your team. Our Certified Google Partners also help you navigate through the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing tools like Google AdWords and Google Analytics to help your website place high in Google search results.

Monthly Website Management Services Include:

  • Full website reviews on multiple browsers and devices
  • Web updates including pages/posts, plugins, content, links, images, navigation, functionality & more
  • Fixing of broken links, images, buttons and anything else that keeps your website from working properly
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reviews and maintenance so you show up higher on search engines
  • Monthly Google Analytics and SEO reporting

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