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Why is your company valuable? Why is it different?
How should it look? How should it sound?

Defining and refining your brand identity will give you new tools for communication and growth.

Having a clearly defined brand image has become essential to long-term brand success. ALR Media can work with you and your team to give your branding and marketing an identity people will want to connect with. We specialize in brand development.

Our brand development strategy always begins with establishing the client’s objectives to ensure that this brand strategy and process will produce the desired results and can be evaluated. Defining the client’s objectives is about understanding your passion and vision for your organization. This is an opportunity for us to use Human-centered design during our discovery phase of your brand development.

Develop a brand that keeps its Promises.

Be Valuable

It’s very important to be able to define ways in which your organization is unique AND valuable to your clients. Communicating these unique benefits in a way that’s easy to remember and clearly understandable helps to increase your perceived value and can help to create loyal customers who will choose your product or service over your competition.

Stand Out

Differentiate from your competition. Examine your competitors carefully and look for the key selling points and the basic “promises” they make. Decide what differentiates your company, product or service. What “promise” does your brand make. We can help you be innovative and stand out.

Drive Your Message Home

Your core message should consist of a single idea which will become the focus of all your creative communications. Your marketing tools should revolve around this central message and theme.

Keep Your Promise

Getting to your brand message was the fun part. Now, put all that work into effect by living up to your brand promises. People will notice.


We have designed a Robust Brand Strategy

Creative Branding Strategy

We use a combination of workshops, interviews, research, and analysis to build a framework for your brand. This framework allows us to produce your new logo, brandbook, style guidelines, mission, vision and values, and other important brand assets. The end result is that you have everything you need to implement successful internal and external communication strategies. You’ll be amazed how these new tools will transform your business, foster growth, and open up new opportunities.


Business Names

Whether it’s your company name, a tagline, or a product name, we’ll guide you through a series of discovery sessions and workshops in order to help you discover a versatile name that fits your brand and grows along with you.

Mission & Vision Statements

Your company’s vision statement is a concise document that summarizes your internal goals and aspirations for your business. Your company’s mission statement is a public-facing statement that reveals your purpose and commitment to your customers and the public. Both of these documents will be rooted in your company’s core values.

Style Guide

Consistency in grammar and voice is a vital aspect of branding. It helps build trust and familiarity with your audience. We will create a style guide that will give you and your employees a trusted resource for brand communication.

Core Values

At the center of every successful company is a simple value system. A system that, once articulated, can be harnessed and utilized in every decision your business makes. We’ll help you focus in on your core values and articulate them in a way that can be easily shared throughout your organization.

Logo & Brandbook

Our logo process is time-tested, thorough, and fun. Our skilled brand designers have delivered exceptional identities for small and large businesses across the country.  In addition to delivering your logo in all its permutations and file types, we will create a brandbook that ensures visual consistency whenever you feature your brand in print or online.

Brand Collateral

Business cards, envelopes, signage, menus, brochures, tradeshow booths, car/truck graphics, websites . . . We do it all. Once your identity is established, we can help you bring your new brand to the world.

large format printing